Amirali Behbahani & partners Partnership
Registration number: 273519 License Number: 273519

About Us

Regarding the actual rules and limitations concerning the Iranian banking system and the obvious needs of producers , merchants and private individuals to exchange and transfer currency in order to obtain goods and provide facilities for the locals, the necessity for a dependable , knowledgeable and well connected financial firm is out of any question.
Behbahani corporation working under the license no 273519 Issued by the central bank of Iran has been providing effective services for the past 30 years.
We are proud of having been active throughout this period with all the economic ups and downs with the help of a team of well-educated young staff, working under the super vision of highly talented and experienced team of managers using the most  up-to-date technology and faith full to the name *Saba which in Persian stands for optimal currency system, we have always being considering ourselves a direct partner and effective work force for the companies and individuals who would ultimately require our supported services,.